It's been a busy two weeks

Oh my, I just realized I haven't posted in over a week! I do have good explanations for that though: first of all, I've been a bit ill with a cold. I still have a runny nose but I'm sure that'll pass soon.


Second of all, several of my colleagues have been away on vacation and I've had to fill up for them. I've been working like a madman! So in the evening the last thing I wanted to do was to turn on the computer again, not even for blogging!


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Designer of October 2011 - Anja Belle

Anja Belle by the courtesy of herself

Exactly - to the date! - one year ago I posted the first designer of the month interview with Katie Ferry. During this year I've interviewed a lot of talented knitwear designers (and one crochet designer!). It's been such a pleasure, and I hope you've enjoyed it too!


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I went to Frechen and all I got was yarn, friends and compliments

Filigran, Punta, Zauberball and Mexico

The Third German Ravelry Meet is currently underway - I was able to go yesterday with four other ladies from our knitting group in Essen. As Frechen is only an hours drive from here, it wasn't too big an effort.


We arrived too early and drank a coffee in a cafe nearby, then headed to the Meet. It was already crowded, especially around the yarn stands, so I quickly ran through the area to get an overview, and then sat down with a friend to knit.


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Hot pants!

Assets of Evo hotpants & mah bum

Finally I get to blog these hot pants aka hotpants! I started knitting them last summer, and they have actually been ready for quite some time now, but as always it takes time to get some photos and and and..!


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Got a swap present!

Worsted Knitt

It's been a while since I've taken part in a swap, I don't know why, as I really like them! Well, I've signed up for another one now, even before I got this lovely package from Jo across the channel (UK).


Look at all the lovelies; to mention just a few: pretty yarn (Artesano Alpaca and Rennie 4-ply wool) and an extravagant scarf, tasty toffe licorice and even a mini sock blocker!


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