I did it! I've knit Owls! Not that that makes me so special - it is currently the most knit sweater pattern on Ravelry , but if you read my blog, you will know that I'm not the big sweater knitter. So every sweater feels like an accomplishment, like having climbed a mountain. In this case, rather small mountain, as this sweater was really quick to knit! And I love it!


Pattern: Owls
Needles: 5,5mm circular, must have been 80 cm long
Yarn: Marks & Kattens Eko Ull, 100% organic wool from New Zealand. I used 380 grams, that's a little less than 8 balls.


Mods: Loads, some on purpose, some by mistake! For example, to lessen the hourglassiness of the sweater, I only did four increases at the back. That of course messed up the stitch count both front anc back. I made many mistakes trying to correct that. I ended up just knitting two together here and there at the back, and increasing a few stitches on the front. That means the sweater is size L at the bottom and M on the top. That fits me really well.


I also read the owls chart wrong, and so I made the second cable turn the wrong way. But I think the owls look just as nice like that, with thinner necks! I also made the sleeve cuff ribbing somewhat longer than the pattern calls for, about 3 inches, so that they're the same length as the hem ribbing. I just thought that looked better.


I was worried the sweater would be too small, but it's really true - my hand is so loose, that I reach pretty much the same gauge with 5,5mm needles that others reach with 6,5mms, for which the pattern calls for! The sweater is snug, but that's the way it's supposed to be. Only the sleeves are really tight, I would have been wise to knit them one size bigger. Maybe I have very musculous arms (I wish!)?


The problem that many have had with this sweater is the poofy back. I can see the phenomenon in mine when the sweater "climbs" upwards on my body, but when I pull the sweater back down the poof is smoothed out. I have loads of negative ease, that helps in making the poof go away as well.


Now, the owls just need eyes now. I've been thinking of just sewing eyes on one of the owls, mainly because the thought of sewing 38 buttons is not very tempting to me!

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Lovely owls! I made one before christmas and was very excited by it too. Yours looks great. I was thinking like you about only sewing button eyes onto one of the owls. It's either one owl gets eyes or none for me.


I like the sweater but I like the background of your blog too!!!!

It's very nice not too busy but great too look at!

Compliments for the designer!!!!

Warmest dutch greetings, Heidi

You did a very nice job on your sweater. Your background is very beautiful. I love the colours.
Grettings Deborah