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Opera visitors

Last fall we got a 5-show-ticket to the local opera house Aalto-Theater. We'd only been to the opera once or twice before, but we decided to give it a try. The last show will be in a few weeks and I must say I am really glad we got these tickets! We've seen interesting things, and some not quite so fascinating ones. We've seen ballet and opera and in one way or another, enjoyed it all. I've learned I love watching ballet very much, no matter if it's modern or very classical. What I've also learned is that most opera goers have gray hair!

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Surrealism in Essen - Deyan Yanev in Clowns & Pferde

Deyan Yanev in Clowns & Pferde Essen Germany

Today I visited the gallery Clowns & Pferde in Essen, as I often do. My husband wanted to see the exhibition so I went with him - and was very pleasently surprised! I usually like Clowns & Pferde anyways, but this exhibition is something very different from what I have seen there before.


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