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Hello you! Great that you stopped by. This is, a knitting enthustiasts archive blog and pattern depository.


I am Lumia aka Worsted Knitt and I passionately knitted from 2006 to around 2014. This blog covers that time and a few years after that. I do not actively tend to this blog anymore. You can find my patterns on here still and quite a lot of nice content to be honest - just nothing new.


My current project is my homestead and permaculture Beyond Buckthorns. Check that out if you like!

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Year 2017 in pictures


2017 was a good year. I'm so blessed having had several good years in a row - plus I do think a bit of an attitude change has helped also. A lot has happened, it's been our (me & hubbys) first full year in Finland, the year we started our business and a year of many ups and downs. I made you a little collage to enjoy, so please do! Click the pics to see the captions.


Happy new year 2018 to all my readers!

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Nokian Neulomo Summer Dresses

Susanna dress by Nokian Neulomo modeled by Worsted Knitt

There is very little textile industry in Finland left. One big would-be-loss was the factory in Nokia which was to be closed down. It was announced late in 2015. Fortunately, another company was founded to take over the business and save the 86 jobs at the factory in Nokia, a nearby town - Nokian Neulomo.


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