And I knit 1 kilo 611 grams in it - in one month, February! I can hardly believe it. That's a lot for me. This was a really fun knitalong and I will certainly take part next year too.


Here are my last two FOs in February.


First the gorgeous, gorgeous Chevalier socks by Tikru. I made the exactly following the pattern, with some mistakes. The yarn is from Villa Laurila, from the nearly-extinct breed Ahvenanmaanlammas. I used 3mm needles, and the socks weigh 124 grams.


I love these socks. I hardly take them off, they're so warm, but not sweaty, snug, but not too tight. Really lovely FO, the trouble was worth it!


The second last-minute-stash FO is a pair of fingerless mitts. I made a scarf from this yarn in 2007, and wanted some mitts to go with it.


The yarn is Lana Grossa's Furetto, the pattern is from my head, I must have been thinking of Fetchings though. Needles were 5mm, so these were finished in an hour or so! They remind me of roses somehow, so I'm calling them "dark rose" mitts!


Now that the Hamster month is over, I get to order more yarn. Or actually, I did already, today! I'll post pictures when the yarns arrive.

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