The cat and the mouse

I love cats. I really do, but I don't have one - and propably won't for a while, due to my life situation. A while back my need for a cat became too big, and I started to knit a cat. Today I finished him.

I used Kollinroikale pattern from, quite heavily modified though. I think I shouldn't have modified so much, he looks a bit more like a rat or a leguana than a cat... oh well. He's cuddly though, the Lana Grossa Tiramisu yarn in 100% microfibre is so soft and lovely! The cat was knit on 6mm needles.


Kollinroikale on valmis. Se ei kovin paljon kissaa muistuta, mutta onhan ainakin pehmoinen! Lanka on ihanaa Lana Grossa Tiramisua, 100% mikrokuitua - pehmeää ja mukavaa ja oh, niin ihanaa!


But that's not all the animals I have to show today. I received the wonderful book Kitty Knits (I'll do a proper review later) and just had to try my hand at something from it. So I cast on and finished a mouse.

It just needs to be felted now. It was so quick though, I think I'll knit a few more before felting them. The yarn is Marks and Kattens Eco-Ull, the remnants of Nick's Dashings. He was knit on 6mm needles.


Hiiri on uudesta kirjasta Kitty Knits, jossa on vain ohjeita kissoille ja kissaihmisille. Teen kunnollisen kirjaesittelyn ensi viikolla. Jotain oli kokeiltava, joten kutaisin hiiren. Se on vielä huovutettava ja täytettävä. Ohje oli tosi fiksu ja helppo - olen innoissani kirjan muistakin ohjeista!


Here they are, in peace on the window sill!

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