Now that Christmas is gone, I can show all the gifts I made but hesitated to blog about in the fear the recipient might read about it here! Nick's slippers were the first one, and here's the wine cozy.


It was a gift for my sister's husband, accompanied by a bottle of German organic white wine. He seemed to like it!


The stats:


Pattern: Knitty's Wine Cozy

Needles: 4mm dpns

Yarn: Kilcarra Aran Tweed

Mods: knit in the round


I liked this knit, it was quick and fun, and simple enough. The yarn was a surprise to me, I had bought this one ball in Ireland way back just to give it a try. Now I did, liked it a lot - and don't live in Ireland anymore! Bummer. Must see if I can get one of my Irish friends send me some over!

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Happy New Year to you and Nick!
Love the wine bottle cozy, what a great idea!
I'll gladly send you over some Kilcarra Tweed if you want some.
By the way, I checked Borders for the calendars and no joy, they're all gone, including the crochet ones. Sorry!