First of all sorry for not posting last week - I've been ill! I catched a very nasty cold that forced me to bed for several days, and it's still not quite gone, but I'm trying to take it easy and get well soon.


Anyway, I do have some news for you! First of all, you may notice that the site is now conciderably quicker to browse. I mean, it's really quick! That's because my DH Nick moved the site to a new server with more capacity yesterday. Thanks honey!


And second: I've decided to go "cold sheep" for the rest of 2010, meaning I won't be buying any yarn for my personal use this year anymore! I've done yarn diets before, but not for so long, so I'm quite excited to see how it goes! But fact is, my stash is getting too big so this is a very needed step.


Have you ever gone cold sheep for a longer period of time? How did it go?

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Sorry to hear you're not well. Poor you. You've caught a few colds, haven't you? I hope you're feeling better now.
Your cold sheep is sounding good to me, I got a real shock this week when I saw just how much yarn I had. I may have to join you :)