Look at these pretty scarves! They're all made exclusively with reused yarn and scarps and half-balls from my stash.


Maybe you can recognize the purple yarn? I ripped my Hug shrug, which was finished in 2008 and after that was worn less than 10 times altogether. It's now been reworked into 1 1/2 scarves which I will be donating to the homeless people in Duisburg, a neighbour city where an active knitter has organised a collection for warm knits for the homeless this winter.


The other 1/2 of the second scarf is also made with Novita Rustika, the leftovers I had from my Rustic shawl. Both scarves are knit on 8mm needles. The "pattern" was rather simple - cast on 18 stitches and knit, knit, knit until the yarn runs out or the scarf is about 1,70 meters long!


For the purple-red scarf I mis-estimated how much yarn I had and started with the red yarn. I knit the red stripe, then a purple one, again red, purple, one more red, but that was all the red I had left and the scarf was way too short! So I knit one more stripe purple and bound off. Then I picked up 18 stitches from the cast-on edge and knit another purple sripe there. Voilà - a long enough, symmetrically coloured scarf!


The fun fur scarf has been claimed by my husband. It's slightly shorter than the other ones and not so thick. It was knit on 4mm needles and I think I cast on around 30 stitches. It has all kinds of wooly leftovers in it, and funny blue fun fur stripes between every colour change. A truly fun scarf! I also think the colours combination and sequence are nice, and would like to congratulate myself on that :)


It makes me so happy to be able to use my old yarns, my time and my skills to make other people warm - be it my husband or the homeless!


Have you been charity knitting lately, or ripped up something you really liked but just didn't wear?

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