I am still working on scarves for charity, using up my supply of single balls of wool (blends) and half balls left from other projects. I haven't made much progress this summer, but here are three. That's better than none, no?


The first one is made with local German sheep's wool (orange), Finnish wool (grey) and industrial made green vintage German yarn called Tiffany, which I used in a scarf I made in May, too.


I wanted to use the orange yarn to "bind" the design, but noticed I wouldn't have enough to continue making wide stripes with it. So at around halfway through the scarf, I changed the striping and made all three colours exactly the same width.


I think it looks really nice and certainly original, don't you think?


The second one is made mainly with Novita Nalle, a dk-weight sock yarn which comes in 150g balls. I used one ball almost completely, and made some stripes with odd wool (blend) scraps. The color combi is perhaps not optimal, but I sure hope a homeless person will wear it and be warm nonetheless.


The third one is made with peace wool I once received in a swap and a local woolen yarn, similar to the one in the first scarf. Simple stripes, fun color combo - I hope it will bring joy to whoever ends up using it. Next to it is a preemie blanket I finished a while back with Golf cotton yarn. This will be given to charity, too.


See my progress regarding my goal to knit 50 items for charity this year at my list.

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