My new hobby, I might even say passion is making stitch markers. I know loads of knitters like to make stitch markers, and who could blame them! They're small, beautiful and useful, great for using them yourself or giving them as small presents to knitting friends. That's what I've been doing up until now. Now I thought, I might try selling a few.


I'm aware that my markers are not perfect, but they're pretty and according to user comments snag free. Here are some for you to see. If you'd like to buy a set or two just leave your email address and a note which ones you'd like in a comment. I'll remove your email from the comment once I've answered you. However, if you'd prefer not posting your email you can use the contact form (see right sidebar).


The prices for the following stitch markers (including postage):
Germany 5e
EU 6e/5,50GP
US & rest of the world 7e/10 USD.


You can use PayPal or pay by SEPA-transaktion to my German bank account (this only works in EU).


All stitch markers will fit needles up to 6mm / US size 10. The stitch markers come in a beautiful organza pouch.


Pink goth stitchmarkers
First the Pink Goth set of five stitchmarkers. The black pearls are plastic and the pink ones wood.


Worsted Knitt
The Knitty Bee stitchmarkers is a set of five, made with plastic pearls.


Worsted Knitt
These are the Twilight inspired stitch markers I made. The black, red and see-through pearls are plastic and the marker's "loop" is black and gold. It's a set of five markers.

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