Pumpkins in sunrise
Sad Uppo-Nalle
Tea in a moomin mug

It's October folks! Here are some impressions of the first Sunday in October.


I made a fire in our big fireplace to keep the house warm.


The pumpkins are enjoying the sun inside as it is now too cold for them outside and we harvested them all.


I got this adorably sad Uppo-Nalle from a flea market iin September because it moved me so much I had tears in my eyes. He since lives on our couch.


Lots of tea in my mug during the colder season. I just got thiswonderful "Ancestor" moomin mug which I wanted for a long time - it's now the mug I choose most often for my morning tea.


How is your fall going? Post some pics on my Facebook page or message me on Twitter if you like!

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