Yesterday I went to the library and decided to visit the nearby shopping centre, and wandered to a everything-for-cheap shop. Guess what I found there? You got it – novelty yarns, four balls for five euro. I resisted the urge and bought only four balls of “Shabby Chic” yarn in black; a pretty, soft eyelash yarn. With it I was planning to make a triangular funky shawl.


Well, I got home and realized that the yarn would be too chunky for that, since my biggest needles are only 8mm. So I made up a simple garter ridge pattern, took some white cotton DK yarn to go with the eyelash, the needles and cast on 30 stitches and got to knitting. Twice the pattern (24 rows) and I noticed that the scarf would end up much too bulky. So I left the eyelash waiting at the end of the row, pick it up again when I was back at this end and knitted a row with both again.

That looked great! So I did it for another two pattern repetitions. Then I thought, if this looks so good, what about leaving the eyelash twice at the end (leave it, knit back and forth, and again back and fort only with the cotton). This made a very nice soft fabric that was not at all bulky, so I did this, too, twice the pattern. Then the scarf seemed to get long enough, so I reversed the steps back to knitting every row, bound off and marveled at my beautiful scarf, which took altogether around three hours to finish (but makes a mess with the loose eyelashes!)

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