I've had this finished for weeks, and finally I get to blog about it! It was originally my June small item, and I finished it sometime during summer. This was also the project I knit on my wedding day, so it has some sentimental signifigance too!


It's a lacey sock yarn scarf. The yarn I used is YarnAddicts Bamboo sock yarn (in colourway Pink goth, which I received in a swap a few years back. The yarn has since been discontinued.)


The pattern is called The scarf with no name (Ravelry link) and I knit it on 4mm needles. The pattern calls for 24 repeats of the lace chart - I think I did 27. The scarf is really long now after blocking!


If I were to knit this scarf again I would use solid yarn. The beautiful lace pattern doesn't stand out enough from the variegated yarn. Other than that I like this scarf - however I have not decided if I'll keep it or give it away. But I feel I might end up keeping it!

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