I finished the Honeymoon cami, or in my case the Blue Cami Too Late For This Summer. Let's just hope I get to go to Spain or somewhere warm so I can use it - or maybe I'll just do layers!


The score:
Yarn: Lidl's own, Zettl Cotton Sheen

165 grammes, that is 400 metres, and a bit over 3 balls of the yarn.
Needles: circular 3,5 mm needles (I think it was 3,5...)
Mods, notes: My gauge (I did a swatch!) was a bit too big, so I knit one size down. That worked very well! I think I made mistakes in the decreases - I got confused which decrease goes which way, and so the v-neckway looks a bit messy.  And like said in the previous post, I started off a size too small but was too lazy to rip back, so I just decreased 10 stitches after the rib hem. That worked out fine! Other than that I followed the pattern, and enjoy the final product!


This is my second adult garment, and I'm getting the hand of it!


* Honeymoon Cami-toppini on valmis! Siitä tuli kiva, harmi vaan että ilmat kävivät niin syksyisiksi jo. Cami saa siis odotella lomaa tai ensi kesää, tai sitten alan kerrospukeutumaan! *


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