I'm playing with big stakes here - showing my Mum's Christmas present here. I'll just hope she won't look here before Christmas...


Well anyway here it is. The WIP has finally become an FO, and not without a decent amount of cursing and concidering whether to rip or not to rip - and most often decicing not to rip, because with the lace pattern I would be very likely to make more mistakes when picking the stitches back on the needle after ripping the original mistake.


This was no easy piece for me. I'm not too good with lace, I notice that over and over again. Maybe I just need more practice?


But it's done, and it's good enough! Here's the specs:


Started: in September

Yarn: Local warehouse "Nova Exclusiv" brand for the store NKD, "Multigarn" 100%acrylic.

Needles: 5mm knitpicks exchangeables with a long cable, used to knit flat.

Modifications: Lots of mistakes which changed the numbers of stitches over and over again. Just one lace repeat row at the end, as the yarn was running out and the shawl was looking long enough.

Final statement: a pattern I might try again in a year or two. Beautiful product, decent pattern, just a bit too advanced for me at this time.


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