Here are all the pencil case patterns for the now-passed KAL "Pencil Cases for Sudan". Some are crochet pencil case patterns, some of them are knitting patterns.


Please note! I only designed the Moss stitch pencil case, the others are just linked here and I claim no ownership of them.


Please do not use any of these patterns for commercial purposes other than those benefitting Sudan or Darfur.


Clara's crocheted pencil case

Donna's pencil case (crochet, pdf)

Kieran's pencil case (Ravelry)

Mary Lou's case


Wendy's toe-up pencil pouch (pdf)

Tanesha's woven stitch case (crochet)

Worsted Knitt's moss stitch case (pdf)

Worsted Knitt"s moss stitch case (text)

Flickr group "Pencil Cases for Sudan"


Please let me know if you are making these - just leave a comment! It would be fun to hear from you and what pencil case you are working on.

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