Hi, I'm Worsted Knitt - welcome to my site!


This is where I talk about knitting, yarn, stitch markers, the books I've read and my quest to "tread lightly on this earth" - to live simply, consciously, with less. On this site you will find fun projects, charity knits, knitting patterns, designer interviews, book reviews and tips and resources on making the world a better place.


Who is Worsted Knitt?


Worsted Knitt is basically me, Lumia, a 31 year old Finn living in Germany with her husband Nick. I am a knitter and I have a big heart for animals! In my yarn money I make at an international IT company and a few cents through my Natural Perfect Skin page.


When knitting, I like to experiment with different things, and usually get fun results. It's become a trademark of mine to call my small mistakes "design elements"! I'm a very loose knitter, but I usually don't care too much and go with the lacey effect.


I'm a vegetarian and love to try out different vegan and ecologically sustainable yarns. I strive for a no-kill lifestyle but I'm not quite there yet, even though I've been vegetarian for 17 years.  I care about people, too! I knit a lot for charity, and in 2011 I actually finished knitting 50 items for charity.


I am from Finland but have lived in Germany for the past 7 years. Before that I lived in Ireland for two years. I guess that's why I consider myself an European citizen.


When I'm not knitting, I read, act at the local theater, work for animal welfare and rights, play computer games or go to the gym.


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This is me in my Bramblewood vest:


Worsted Knitt