Adult booties
Preemie socks
Plastic bag holder

I've knit some small things last month and I thought I'd show them to you, as they came out nicely, I think!


First we have the Grown-up bootees. The pattern is by Ysolda Teague, and it's a part of the Whimsical Little Knits 1 collection. I've knit them with vintage superwash wool held double on 5mm needles. This pair fits me, so the size is ca. European 39. They took approximately 100 grams of yarn. I'll be making more as Christmas presents!


Next I have two more pairs of preemie socks for the Sukkasato-KAL. Again 28 stitches around, made on 2,5mm dpns. The yarn is of unknown quality, but I did dye it myself (except for the toe of one sock, as I ran out of the self-dyed yarn). The KAL is finished now, my total: five pairs of preemie socks, and the grown-up bootees. Not bad!


The last project is a plastic bag holder. The pattern I used is here. I knit the holder in the round, first using 6mm dpns and then 10mms (they're not so easy to work with!). I used the same vintage wool as for the bootees, and Novita Wool held together. This thing is actually really useful - I now store my fruit bags (you know the really thin plastic bags) in it!

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