Finally I get back to my normal blogging rythm, I hope. Vacation and the Sudan project have taken up all my time lately - we spent 8 days over Christmas in Finland. I was so happy to meet my family and see some familiar surroundings. I like Essen, but one does get homesick from time to time! Here are some impressions from the trip.


First, the Helsinki harbour.


Picture number two is the Christmas tree at my Mum's.


The third one is from near to where my Mum lives around sundown (like 3pm...)


And the last is a present I got from Marelo - I won in a lottery in Lapaskuu-KAL! Marjut was kind enough to send me a lovely cuddly bear, a Winnie the Pooh notebook, two lovely potholders and a beautiful self-made card! Thank you Marjut!

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Kiva kun lapaskuu palkinto tuli perille. Se oli sellainen vaatimaton palkinto. Kortti tosiaankin oli itsetehty ja vielä suomalaisista maitopurkesita.