I've been requesting and getting Kool Aid as "Random acts of Kindness" from many lovely people lately, and decided now's the time to try how they work.


I've dyed with Kool Aid before, but only in a microwave, a machine I don't have at the moment. So stovetop here's looking at you!


I followed the advice on Knitty and first dyed some white sock yarn with three bags of Orange and two bags of Tropical Punch (that's red). I think they came our really nice and happy looking!


The second try was to overdye a ball I had kool aided in the past, but which was too pastel for my liking. So I tried to make it half pink with two sachets of Pink Lemonade, and half dark with one bag of Halloween Scary Blueberry. That didn't quite work, so I added in one sachet of Tropical punch to get some colour into the yarn. It came out... interesting... I'm not sure if I like it, but I'll give it a try. If not - it's back to the pot for that skein!


Edited on 11th April! We've finally had decent sun, so I was able to take more colour-accurate photos - so I changed the photos.

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