It's been so hot I haven't been knitting much. I am doing other stuff, however - worrying about the new job a bit (the employer's expectations are quite much higher than in Ireland), and visiting the local sights on weekends. Last weekend (sorry for not posting earlier - the job...) we went to Zeche Zollverein, the "most beautiful coal mine in the world" and an Unesco world heritage sight is just 20 minutes tram ride from Essen city centre. What a lovely, interesting, historical place it is! There's more photos after you press Read more


 * Kävimme vanhassa hiilikaivoksessa Zeche Zollvereinissa, joka on nykyään Unescon maailmanperintökohde. Se on lähellä Essenin keskustaa, n. 20 min, ja upea kohde! Kuulostaa kliseeltä mutta siellä menneisyys ja nykyisyys kohtaavat. Katso kuvat alta. *



I didn't want to take a photo of the main entrance, the Förderturm (the thing you see in every picture) like everyone does, so I took one below it. I think it has a certain something in it.

The stairs to the tourist centre are long and orange. At the top I felt quite light-headed!

The old industrial atmosphere was wonderful. I can't even describe how I felt; somehow connected to the thousands of workers who spent their days underground, the history, now replaced by the silence of the machines, designers instead of miners; and the amazed of the beauty of it all. It felt good. I will certainly go there again.

PS. We found  blackberries there! Yum!

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