I've been making a lot of hats lately! I'd like to share them with you - here are the first two.


The first gorgeous tam is for my mother-in-law, who's had it a bit rough with her health and has had some of her hair removed recently. To cover and keep warm the bald spots she wished for some knitted hats. I decided to make a few for her to choose from - this is my first try.


The pattern is called Snapdragon tam and it's a pattern by Ysolda Teague. It's a lovely, well written pattern - once you get the sizing right. I first tried with the suggested yarn weight and needles, chose a size suitable for my head and started knitting. The result? After 10 rows I noticed the hat would only fit the Incredible Hulk and ripped the work. I tried again with sport weight yarn, 2,5 mm needles and the smalles (child) size - and the hat is still a bit loose after blocking! So a word of warning: choose the smaller size when knitting this hat!


The yarn I used was a vintage superwash wool called Tiffany - I used somewhat more than 50 grams of it.


The second hat you see is made using the pattern Chunky Button Hats (Rav link) by Lindsay Koehler. It's knit with double-held Schachenmayr Ego Tweed on 10mm dpns (!) I followed the pattern without modifications. The yarn was new to me, and it was nice enough, I just don't like this colour at all!


Actually, I've knit so many of these hats already, I really had to make myself knit this one. I had promised it for my local animal shelter Christmas market (and it was actually yarn from them), otherwise I wouldn't have knit it! But it was quick, and now it's done, so I hope that's all I'll be seeing of these hats for now!

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