Kuebel hat is now free of charge

Kuebel hat

Oh my, where did the summer go? Well, it's still hanging in there but let's face it, it's turning to fall day by day.


And that's one of the reasons why I've decided to make my Kuebel hat pattern free. It's been on sale for a few years and I think it's time everyone has a chance to knit it if they want.


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A quick hi and a hat

Lila hat

Oh my, I've had a long pause in blogging! There are two reasons for that mainly


1. I've been really really busy and
2. I haven't been knitting


You may not know it, but I play the theatre (not professionally but on a very high amateur level), and we had our opening night on the 17th of January. Before that, you can imagine, we had practice every other evening and after that I have been playing once or twice a weekend. I's been quite a lot to handle, and I am really happy to have a two week pause in playing now.


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Boyfriend hats for cancer patients

Boyfriend hat

To stay on the hat theme, here are two knits I finished ages ago, but never remembered to blog about them. I do think they are pretty enough to have their own post, though, don't you think?


In fact they were knitted last summer to support a little charity action called 100 Beanie Drive, and currently they are warming the heads of cancer patients in Australia!


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Bright hats! Very bright hats!

I've made a few hats lately, just for fun and to get something quick and easy on the needles.


The first one is my own creation, it's a slouchy hat with moss stitch, and the yarn was called Extra Merino Premium by Schachenmayr. It's adult size so I could keep it myself, but I think I will pass it on at some point.


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Green and orange Calorimetries

Me wearing a Calorimetry and a Metroplex Ruhr shirt

It's been a while since I've made Calorimetries - in fact it's been over four years since I knitted my last big batch of these funky headwarmers.


High time to make some new ones don't you think!


In March I made five Calorimetries with bulky yarn: talk about instant gratification! I also got to use some pretty buttons from my little button stash, which sees the light of day way too seldom.


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The Neglected Aran Beret

Aran beret

Sometimes knits just don't get blogged, you know what I mean? I finish a FO, take pictures, crop them to the correct size... and never blog about the FO.


I don't mean to do it, but I do. So that means you get to see FOs finished several months ago, too. My apologies. But perhaps as these knits are new to you, you won't mind too much? Especially in this case, because the FO is just so gorgeous!


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