Sometimes knits just don't get blogged, you know what I mean? I finish a FO, take pictures, crop them to the correct size... and never blog about the FO.


I don't mean to do it, but I do. So that means you get to see FOs finished several months ago, too. My apologies. But perhaps as these knits are new to you, you won't mind too much? Especially in this case, because the FO is just so gorgeous!


Pattern: Argyle Cabled Beret(Rav link) by Cassie Castillo
Yarn: Artesano Aran, 1 1/2 skeins aka 150 grams
Needles: 4,5 mm circular
Mods: none at all!


I worked the smaller size, and due to the thicker yarn and my notorious loose hand, it's still a bit loose. The pattern is really lovely, easy to follow and without errors. It must have been due to the different yarn, but I needed one and a half skeins of yarn. That was a hassle, as I only had one! Luckily the LYS I got the original skein from (almost a year earlier!) still had skeins from the same dye lot!


It's getting colder and I am very much looking forward to wearing this beret this autumn and winter. I am however looking for new patterns to start for the cooler season - any suggestions?

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You are not alone is taking pictures and leaving them on your computer. I have one or two that need to be blogged. You've given me inspiration to go ahead. BTW, the aran beret is beautiful and I love that shade of blue.