WorstedKnitt's Knitting Goals 2012

This used to be my stash back in 2007

As you know, I love goals, plans and lists. I posted my 101 in 1001 volume 2 list in January, and this here is going to be my list of Knitting Goals for 2012.


You can see my knitting goals for 2011 here, and how I reached them here. As you can see I made a few goals but missed a few, too, so there'll be some overlapping - new year, new chance!


So here they are, my goals for 2012:



  1. a poncho for my husband
  2. 101 balls from stash
  3. real gloves
  4. 30 things for charity
  5. a tie


Participate in the Finnish stash knit KAL actively and


Get stash down to 6 kg and keep it there


I'm trying my luck with the gloves again - let's see if I can overcome my high expectations and the fear of starting this year.


There's also a lot of stash busting. My stash is too big, and it's been growing lately! I know my stash is not very big in comparison with many other stashes, but it's too much for me and I'm not happy with it. So it's stash knitting for me, perhaps not exclusively for the whole year but as much as I can.


If you look closely you'll see there are a few goals I had last year which I have reduced for this year, like knitting 30 items (2011: 50) and the stash amount (in 2011: below 5 kg).


This is because I want to keep these goals reachable. Last year I knit a square after square for charity, enabling me to finish 50 charity FOs pretty easily. This year it's not my plan to knit squares, so I've reduced the goal to 30 items - these are likely to be mitts, hats, baby blankets and other smallish items.


The same with the stash - it's estimated over 10 kg now and I don't think I'll be able to stashbust over 3 kg this year.


So there. What do you think of my goals? Are they doable?

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