I'm heading to my local animal shelter's Easter Bazar tomorrow morning, and have some knits ready for it.


I've made some bulky hats:
Pattern - Chunky Button Hat
Yarn - Filati Funky, a really bulky wool / acrylic mix. This happens to be the first yarn I ever knit in my "new knitter life" in 2006!
Needles - 10 mm dpns (!)
Modifications - I did change the crown of some of these hats, plus I attached no buttons, but made pom poms instead.


Two of these I can count to my Hamster month total - the annual Finnish knit from stash exclusively KAL.


I might be able to count the lovely, lovely Esel as well. Esel means Donkey in German, and that's the name of this pattern. I received it as a copy from a book - I have no idea who the designer is and from which book the pattern is copied from!


Anyhow, I used Villa Laurila's natural yarns and stuffed the Esel with sheep's wool I was given a while back. The Esel was knit on 3 mm needles. Don't you just love him! I really have a soft heart for donkeys in general, they seem like the sweetest, humblest animals I can think of. I'm going to give this one to charity, but I will certainly be making one for myself too. Maybe I could do something to help a donkey sanctuary at some point too.

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