I'm still working on the Finland pictures, but currently I've just been so busy! The bureaucracy and the thank you cards after the wedding, my acting hobby at the local theatre (premiere next month!) as well as work just seem to take up all my time at the moment. So I'll just need to show you something that's been finished for some weeks already... sorry! But I'm sure you'll like this one too.


Here are the actual specs:


Pattern: until lace egding my own calculation of a basic pinwheel pattern, the lace pattern from Cinnamon Bay (Ravelry link, a pattern from book "Knitting in the Sun")
Needles: 4mm dpns and circular
Yarn: Plaetzsch Nadja cotton 4-ply got got as a present, at least five 50 gram balls.


I first wanted to design this on my own, but the lace edging was too much. So I got the book and continued according to pattern, which was very easy to do. I just made sure my stitch count is dividable by 11 and the lace went fine. My gauge is completely different and I maybe have 2/3 of the stitches the pattern calls for at the end, but the result is good, and the blanket is actually the size it should be according to the pattern - the circumference is ca. 125 inches.


I haven't used it outside yet. It's a bit poofy in the middle, but I'm sure some use will smooth it out.

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