As the light is slowly fading outside, I am saying goodbye to 2015, which has honestly been one of the best years in my life up till now.


For many years I suffered from belly problems, but in 2015 it was finally clarified what the problem was and I have now good ability to help myself. I love it! I did not travel too much in 2015, just to Finland and in Germany and a quick day trip to Amsterdam, but we had lots of family and friends come over to our place, which was brilliant and certainly not the case in past years! I didn't lose any weight, but I also didn't gain. I didn't knit much, but I sew many beautiful things. I read many great books which taught me things or just accompanied me for a time. My marriage is as strong as ever. I am healthy and have been for the whole fall. All in all I can say that the starting position into 2016 is very good, which certainly wasn't the case on 31st December 2014. I am confident that 2016 will be absolutely amazing!


I have so many goals and dreams for 2016. I have been working on my Leonie Dawson Workbooks, writing down all of them and making plans on how to reach my goals. It feels so great being able to systematically write everything down in this pretty book and really think about what I want 2016 to be and bring into my life. I am an affiliate for these workbooks too, so if you are planning on getting one you can do so and support me at the same time by using this link to the 2016 Shining Year Workbooks.


Tonight will be spent with hubby at home, with nice home cooking and craft beer tastings (check for those), films and good music (I'm thinking some Motörhead), releasing 2015 and celebrating 2016, which I want to make the best year ever - and that is what I wish for you, too.


Talk to you in the new year!

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