I made a Rinsessa hat for myself last winter, and am loving it still! So this winter I decided to knit myself a thick, wide scarf with the same rinsessa-mock-cable stitch. So I took the Rinsessa scarf pattern (in Finnish), modified it a bit for thicker yarn and started knitting.


Here are the stats:
Pattern as mentioned above
Needles: 4mm
Yarn: Novita Anni wool blend (40% wool, 35% acrylic, 25% polyamide), the leftovers from my Bramblewood vest, ca 250 grams
Modifications: cast on 63 stitches. It says one should cast on a number dividable by six to make the pattern match, but I found it looked better with the extra three stitches aka half the pattern repeat in it - that way both edges look the same.


I love it and wear it almost every day - it's warm, soft and beautiful. Too bad spring is almost here and it's getting too warm (well, actually I'd prefer spring, I can wear the scarf next winter again!)

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