A few weeks ago me, Nick and a few friends visited the Ron Mueck exhibition in Sara Hildén art museum in Tampere. Now Ron Mueck is an artist who makes very live-looking sculptures of different sizes, and this was his first exhibition in any Nordic country, so a real must-see for a lot of people! It was really interesting, too. The sculptures come on different sizes from huge to small and are very, very true to reality. I mean, each body hair is there, and even the little hole it grows out from! Ron Mueck was a puppetmaker before getting into art, and that shows. The technique is flawless.


Now the statement of his work for me was sometimes clear, sometimes not so much. Some pieces were really intimate, like the big one with the old couple on the beach or the spooning couple. They really showed human connection and non-connection also, you could really imagine yourself in one of the character's places and know what they might be feeling. Other sculptures were perhaps socially critical, like the young black man in jeans and a white t-shirt (associates in my head with the clothes slaves wore) with a cut wound on his side, looking surprised - how did this happen? Or the tired, overworked mom you see in the picture above.


Anyhow, I am really happy I went. We decided to get the Museokortti, a year-long admission pass to over 200 finnish museums and shows. We thought with a card like that we would be more eager to go see every new show in our reach as we sort of pre-paid all admissions! I am very much looking forward to using the card often and letting you know what we saw.


The Mueck show is over tomorrow, and what I gather it has been a great success when it comes to viewers. Well earned I would conclude.

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