What do you know, I have many things on the needles: a pair of socks, a bag, a scarf and tunisian crochet, but of course then some bug bites me and I just have to start and finish two hot water bottle cozies in a few day's time. My only excuse is that the bottles are really new, and in need of cozies. Well, here they are.

The left one is made with scraps and ends of ToppTå Norwegian chunky yarn. I love it, and it is vert suitable for this purpose. Test report by Nick: excellent - the hot water bottle was warm after 12 hours in this cozy. Toasty!


The one on the right has two balls of vintage white wool, which I dyed with Kool aid some months ago. Perfect use for the yarn, as I love the colours but would never have worn them on a garment. This cozy is not as chunky as the other one, so the water cools of during the night. Nevermind, once I get to sleep I won't wake up even if it gets a bit chilly. Only problem here is that the yarn ran out, so the ribbing stayed bit too short (as you can see the ToppTå's ribbing is folded, but the pink's ribbing is not).


The pattern is called BAWK hot water bottle cozy , and I knit the pink one on 4,5 mms and the ToppTå one on 5mm needles. And! I did all the cabling without a cable needle - a new skill aquired.




Tein kuumavesipullon 'sukkia' kun kerran saatiin pullot ostettua. Kyllä nyt on yöllä lämmin, ja Nickkin sanoi, että tuli melkein kuuma. Siltä vilukissalta hyvä kommentti! Opin samalla tekemään palmikkoa ilman apupuikkoa! Vasempi on ToppTå-villaa, ja oikeanpuolimmaisen langat värjäsin itse mehujauheella.

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