Nic and me went for a long weekend to rural South Germany, and boy was that relaxing! The weather was very nice for the first two days, so I just sat on the porch, sunbathing and knitting. Here's what I accomplished.


The pattern is from a Finnish knitting web-magazine Ulla, and it's called Sateenkaarisukat (rainbow socks). Mine are not so 'rainbowish' due to different wool, but pretty anyway. I knit this on 3mm needles, the small modification I made is in the ankle - I didn't do the pattern across, I found this prettier.


The last two days when it rained, we visited a lovely Marc Chagall -exhibition, and I shopped some wool, for socks naturally. I found some really nice Regia wool, some Lana Grossa and bamboo yarn - but I'll be posting photos first then, when they're on the needles.


Isn't the world just beautiful when you're out of the city!

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