Yet another shawl! I'm getting rather good at making them I must say. This Revontuli (check Ravelry for English pattern) sure looks good!


I followed the pattern precicely, I just left some rows out because I didn't have so much yarn. Well, actually I would have had so much I later noticed (my hand is so loose that I always need much less yarn than recommended) but it doesn't matter, the shawl is small and beautiful as it is.


The yarn is Kauni, and I used 110 grams of it. It was knit on 5mm needles, mostly during the trip to Southern Germany to get married at the end of June!


This pattern is great, however I think I must have made the left slanting increases wrong ie. not knitting through the back of the loop, as they made much bigger holes than the right slanting increases. So the "wedge sides" are now nonsymmetric. I don't mind though, but I will pay more attention next time, if I ever make this shawl again (which I very well might!)

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