And it's gorgeous! See how much of everything, and my spoiler Else had really thought of me when choosing presents. This is like christmas! Even Nic came over and see what was in the packet.


Otin osaa kahvi-vaihtoon, ts swappiin, jossa järjestäjät 'parittavat' kaksi neulojaa, ja he lähettävät toisilleen lahjan. Tässä aiheena oli kahvi. Katso kuvat alta: aivan ihania lahjoja! 

I love the card, and the smaller packet of coffee is chockolate coffee - I will definately need to try that this weekend. See below all the coffee and yarn is a coffee cloth; that will definately serve as a table cloth nex time I serve coffee.

Here a better shot at the organic wool I was spoiled with. 

Thousand thanks to my great swap buddy! 

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