SOAB 14 Swapl package received!

SOAB 14 package received

Thanks so much Angie! I received my package from the UK today, and just had to post. Just look how beautifully everything was packed! And what was inside? Just look:


The yarn was a Noro Kureyon sock yarn, a yarn I adore but usually am too cheap to buy :) What wonderful colours!


There was also a handmade bag with fluffy yarn and zipper closing - this is definitely a keeper! Angie had also made me a Christmas snowflake decoration which I really, really like.


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Swap package from Greece

Swap package

I took part in another swap this month, the European swap on Ravelry. The moderator kind of forgot the swap, so it was organized by another member of the group. I thought that it could end bad - but it didn't. It ended great! My swap partner Fairytalefelter aka Dawn has received her package and here's what she sent me.


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Wonderful red swap package from overseas!

All in one color swap

I took part in the All in One Color swap in the Ravelry Ten dollar swap group this month, and was through and through spoiled! My spoiler was Nicola from Wisconsin, and she had really though about the package - it was so great! Take a look:


First of all there was a skein of Lamb's Pride bulky wool and mohair yarn. It's so soft and I love the shade of red! But that was only the start. There were all kinds of candy which I really like like the Twix, Baby Ruths and Reese's peanut hearts - and Hershey's Kisses, which I got to taste for the first time!


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Goodies from the Jouluvaihto swap

Packed goodies

I took part in another swap before Christmas, the Finnish Christmas swap, Jouluvaihto.


My partner received her present and liked it, and I like mine too! I waited for a long time before unpacking them, as I wanted to wait until Christmas (well, almost, as I was away over actual Christmas so I opened them on the 21st).


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Keep it Simple Stash Swap - I've been spoiled!

KISS present

After my last successful swap I decided to join a few other swaps too, as it is so much fun making and receiving presents!


The Keeping it simple swap is group with different kinds of swaps going on, and this time it was supposed to be all from your stash. Love the idea!


This swap present is from Alison whose Ravelry nick I don't know (yet), all the way from Scotland!


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Got a swap present!

Worsted Knitt

It's been a while since I've taken part in a swap, I don't know why, as I really like them! Well, I've signed up for another one now, even before I got this lovely package from Jo across the channel (UK).


Look at all the lovelies; to mention just a few: pretty yarn (Artesano Alpaca and Rennie 4-ply wool) and an extravagant scarf, tasty toffe licorice and even a mini sock blocker!


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