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Designer of November 2011 - Cassie Castillo

Cassie Castillo by the courtesy of herself

It's time for this month's designer interview! While I sometimes interview designers I haven't knitted anything from yet, this month's designer made the Argyle Cabled Beret pattern which I knitted (and loved). I really like her other designs too, they're so usable but all with that "little twist"!


Without further ado, I want to present Cassie Castillo to you all fine readers of :)


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Designer of July - Stephannie Tallent

Stephannie Tallent by the courtesy of herself

A few months back I got a mail from StephCat , a knitwear designer who had seen my Designer of the Month series and wondered if she could participate.


Although I was not familiar with her work before, one look at her work convinced me that this is a great designer to interview - just look at the gorgeous Beachcomber vest for example!


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Designer of June 2011 - Alexis Winslow

Alexis Winslow by the courtesy of herself

Oops, look how far June is already! Time for the Designer of the Month post. This time I interviewed the talented Alexis Winslow, who lives in Brooklyn, NY and works as a printed textile designer for children's bedding. You can catch up with her on her blog,, where she writes, and video blogs about all her knitting adventures.


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