I did use a pattern for this, I just can't remember which one! Anyway, meet my glorious ruffle boa! I knit it on 6mm long, long circular. I started out with 90 stitches, then increased every stitch every other row. The yarn is appropriately Bernat Boa (which was terrible to knit with I must say!)


I had 150 grams of yarn, and ran a bit short. I had to do some tricks at the end of the scarf (I basically just pulled the remaining yarn through the stitches rather than really casting them off) and one can see the end is much less ruffled than the starting end. But I thought, I don't mind, so no-one else should either!


I like it a lot, it's really long and in dramatic colours. I don't know how much wear it will get, but I did wear in on my birthday to Rocky Horror Show musical. I loved wearing it, plus the musical was just fantastic!

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This looks fantastic!
I came over to answer your question. Any tape yarn, held double, or tape yarn with a strand of cotton yarn would do fine for the kitchen set. Go a size down on your needles, as the fabric should be very tight. I did mine in garter, that gives a dense and thick surface.