It's finally done! According to my Ravelry bookkeeping I started it in December.


Here are the stats:


Pattern: Corona by CanarySanctuary.
Needles: 4mm circulars; the main one was 80cm, plus I used another one when starting the cable panels. I can't remember how long that one was, but it's not important anyway!
Yarn: Bright red, really cheap acrylic from NKD


I measured myself, made a gauge swatch and decided I will need to do my own sizing, as I was just in between sizes M and L. So I did a bit of math and cast on 180 stitches. From there on I just went on, counted a bit in between, until I came to the bust increases. I'm very small busted so I didn't make so many increases. I also modified the sleeves to be full-length, and gave them some room at the showlders. Because of this, after I had joined the sleeves I had exactly the amount of stitches as there are in size M. I went with that until the end.


Now the funny thing is I wanted the sweater with no positive nor negative ease, and made my calculations accordingly. Well, the sweater has at least 4 inch positive ease, at least! What happened to my gauge? The sweater is huge! A real hip hop piece I might say. Not that I wouldn't like it, I do, but it's just so funny how it came out so different than I had thought! I'm sure my gauge has changed during the knitting process.


Anyhow my second ever sweater is finished, and I really like it. Too bad it's quite hot, so off to the closet it goes until autumn!

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Love the sweater - the red is yum. The hood is great too; I may have to try this one for myself!
Oh and by the way? Can you e mail me your address? I'd like to send you a wedding card. And the gang from Tuesday night say hi and congratulations!