I think the shawl / lace bug has bitten me. I've never knit shawls before, and now I've made two already this spring.


Ok, admitted, this one was started in January, so it was not really a quick knit. It rested for a few months, I think I took it up again in April or so.


I used Sandnes Garn Kitten Mohair, ca. 2,5 balls, that is around 130 grams. My needles were 6mm and the pattern is Fifi from Ullaneule - only in Finnish unfortunately! The pattern says to cast of when there are 22 squares, but I cas off after 21: the shawl was big enough, and 21 is my lucky number! The cast off is a bit too tight (I did the k2tog, place stitch back on needle cast off) but I figured it just makes the shawl sit better at the showlders!


Too bad it's now too warm to wear it! I'll take it to use when autumn comes.

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