I was recently made moderator of the Ravelry group "Darfur - end the Genocide", which came as a surprise. But I'm up for a challenge, so I'll do it. It's a small group anyway, the problem is there's no real discussion or "life" in the group. So please if you have any interest (and a Ravelry account) please join the group!


Anyhow, the nomination made me think a bit more about Darfur again. So I thought I'd institute the "Darfur Fridays" at least for a while - to show people the genocide is not over, and we should't forget Darfur. So here's some links for you:


See satellite picture from Darfur - see the burned villages yourself. To think about being driven from your home to live in a refugee camp... brr! I am lucky.

Tears of the Desert: A Memoir of Survival in Darfur - the first memoir of a woman. Read an exceprt.


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