I love the different kinds of pattern reviews people make, like the Free Pattern Friday by Katie or What's hot on Ravelry by Ariane, so I decided to start my own!


Here's the first issue of Worsted Knitt's Pattern Show, where I present some of the newest, nicest knitting patterns on Ravelry. I plan to present patterns that are not in the Top 10, but possibly a bit underrated. This issue's theme are very small items (that use less than 150 yards of yarn). Here are my five favourites from the last days:


My absolute favourite are the Ebba fingerless mittens (pictured). They're pretty, they're interesting and I bet they're warm too!


I also like the Crow cowl, which looks so warm, soft and fluffy! A truly simple knit with an exciting look.


Next in line is the Arlequin hat, a two-coloured hat with a very interesting look! I can't really figure out how it's made by looking at the picture, but that's usually a good thing!


The only free pattern I present today is the Nazareth Angel pattern for a beautiful angel tree ornament. It's made using beads, and I find it gorgeous.


Last but not least I want to show you an inspired toy pattern - the Round Duck by Clare Doornbos. Her use of short rows is exquisite! And speaking of Clare - I will reveal that she is December's Designer of the Month here at Worsted-Knitt.net! I will be posting the interview next week - watch this space!


I'd love to hear how you found the first ever Worsted Knitt's Pattern Show! Please leave a comment with feedback and suggestions for issue nr. two!

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I'm new to knitting, I'm finding some great ideas on your blog. Thanks for the post.