Happy World Vegan Day! It starts the World Vegan Month, a perfect time to critically look at our eating habits and their effects on our health, our fellow earthlings as well as the environment. I will be cooking a great, vegan pumpkin soup tonight. Here's the recepie if you'd like to join me:


1 kg Hokkaido pumpkin
1 biggish onion
1-2 garlic cloves
4 biggish potatoes
A bit of oil (olive, raps... doesn't matter)
Ca. 1 liter water
Black pepper
A chili shoot (you can use less or more depending on how hot you want the soup to be)
Ground nutmeg
100 ml soy cream


Cut the pumpkin to small pieces (toss the seeds, if using hokkaido pumpkin, you can use the peel, or toss it if you like), peel the potatoes and cut to cubes. Peel and chop the onion, the garlic and the chili.


Roast the onion and the garlic in a pot for a few minutes, then add the pumpkin, chili and the potatoes, roast a bit. Then add the water and let cook for ca. 20 minutes.


Puree with a hand-held blender, season to taste. Mix in the soy cream and serve (you can garnish the soup with some soy cream as well). Enjoy your meal! Depending on the appetite of the eaters, and if bread is served with it, the soup should be enough for 2-4 eaters.


The recepie is modified by me, and the original/inspiration is published at chefkoch.de

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