Bellas mittens

I admit to being a kind of a Twilight fan. There, now I've said it! I love the storytelling in the books; somehow the story just hits the right note in me. I liked the film too. I haven't seen New Moon yet, as I insist on watching in in English, and all the cinemas here are showing it dubbed to German. So I'll propably need to wait for the DVD.


Anyhow, I also liked the knits in the film. In a few scenes Bella is wearing really long, thick cabled mittens. Of course some of the Twilight fans wrote out patterns for them, and of course I had to make a pair as well.


Pattern: Bella's Mittens by subliminalrabbit
Yarn: Villa Laurila's ahvenanmaanlammas (Aland sheep) DK yarn, less than one skein (100g)
Needles: 4mm dpns
Modifications: none, except involontarily the gauge. Due to my loose hand I've learned to take smaller needles and yarn to achieve the proper gauge. This time I overdid it a bit. The mittens are really snug. They fit me, but I won't be able to wear them over my coat sleeves like Bella (what a tragedy!). I am actually thinking of giving them to my niece, who also loves Twilight. She is a beginning knitter, and has her birthday coming up, so it might be a good idea!

Bellas mittens
Bellas mittens
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I'll admit I've been living under a rock for the last year or so, I've never read the books or seen the Twilight movies.
However, those mittens are gorgeous! I could see them keeping you arms lovely and warm by stopping the wind blowing up your coat sleeves!