Mitts, mitts, mitts!

Fingerless mitts

I have to admit, not all of these fingerless mitts were made recently. I knit quite a few last winter, but promptly forgot to photograph them. But better late than never - here are some of my latest fingerless mitts.


There are two pairs made with Gjestal Janne in charcoal grey. I got this yarn in a swap in November, and made plain k2, p2 and stockinette mitts with it. Very suitable yarn for mitts, and I'm hoping the yarn won't pill in use, either.


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Twisted Rib mitts from 2010

Rib mitts

You know what? I finished these mitts in 2010. The only reason I haven't posted about them was because I thought I'd write the pattern down and post the pics then.


Well, I might still do that, but I think it's such a shame these lovely mitts and the great photos my husband took of them might never be blogged, just because I'm not into pattern writing right now! I mean, just looking at these pictures makes me happy, so why the heck just not post now.


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Fangirl mittens

Bellas mittens

I admit to being a kind of a Twilight fan. There, now I've said it! I love the storytelling in the books; somehow the story just hits the right note in me. I liked the film too. I haven't seen New Moon yet, as I insist on watching in in English, and all the cinemas here are showing it dubbed to German. So I'll propably need to wait for the DVD.


Anyhow, I also liked the knits in the film. In a few scenes Bella is wearing really long, thick cabled mittens. Of course some of the Twilight fans wrote out patterns for them, and of course I had to make a pair as well.


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Mittens for charity

Now I've had these done for a good while now, but haven't gotten round to posting them. I made a bunch of finbgerless mittens for my local animal shelter open doors day and fair.


They are knit using various yarns from my stash - the pink/white one is dyed by myself with Kool Aid! They're all knit on 4mm needles (except for the blue-green ones, which are smaller and knit on 3mms) and have the same simple thumb construction (a hole with live stitches which you then pick up).


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Lacey Bubblegum Punk Mitts

Lacey Bubblegum Mitts

I was making more fingerless mittens for sale for my local animal shelter autumn market and came up with this little pattern. Hope you like it!


I'm calling them Lacey Bubblegum Punk Mitts, as the bubblegum punk style is "girly as well as black". The mittens also remind me of the punky 80's style, so there we have it. You could make these mittens in hot pink as well!


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Hats and mitts for Christmas

I made these sets as Christmas presents for a 3-year-old and a 7-year-old girls. I hope they like them!


First the turqoise set (Pinja's set from Ullaneule)


For the hat, I CO 104 stitches and made the hat with 3,5mm dpns. The hat is ca 18 cm long - I made the first version too short, had to rip back to knit more rows. The mitts were made 100% according to the instructions.


The yarn is 7-Veljestä Moniraita (I think).


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Mitts, lots of mitts - part 2

So, the promised last mitts:


The black and red mitts (with the same design as the grey Marengo mitts from last post) are made from Nick's recycled scarf. It was one of my first projects and I gave it to Nick christmas 2006 - it was way too short and narrow, so he gave it to me to redo. I remade it into these. It's Debbie Bliss Merino Aran (maybe?)


Second pair, funky and colorful! I liked these. Basic cables, for narrow hands.


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