I noticed I haven't made a work-in-progress post in a very, very long time! So to fix the loss, here are some of my current WIPs.


The first one is my current pride and joy, the Bramblewood vest in the making. I'm making the 40 in size, and was afraid it will be too small, as my gauge was a bit off, but as usual it seems I don't need to worry about that. Even when I measure gauge and everything seems fine, the garment ends up one size too big. So I'm hoping this vest, which should according to calculation be snug, will fit perfectly!


The next project are the Endpaper mitts. I know you can't really see the colourwork in the picture, but it's there, believe me! It's just that the red is so strong and the contrasting orange isn't very... contrasting! The mitt (the first one) is really pretty in real life, and somehow reminds me of flames. I mean, you can't really see the pattern the orange yarn makes, but you can see there are two colours there, and it makes the surface really lively.


The last project on show is my October small item (the Endpaper mitts are the September small project, ahem...), the Urchin beret. I'm using a hank of Craftspun New wool I won at a KIP Day in Dublin way back! The yarn is really thick and thin, and I think it's great for this project! It's coming along fast, but it's a bit rough on the hands, as the yarn is really mostly thick, and would possibly require more than 7mm needles which I am using.


So those were the WIPs, in my next post I must tell you a bit about the concert I went to last night!

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