I don't think I've never finished this big an item so quickly. That might be explained with a) I loved the pattern and b) I wanted to wear this gorgeous piece during Christmas. I can remember blogging about it on the 7th of December, and I actually wore it during Christmas!


It's the Versatility shawl-cardi-sleeve-knitted-item, and I love it. The yarn was good, the pattern fascinating and beautiful, and I managed to find gorgeous buttons for it too. I had to really concentrate on the pattern, but I managed to make the shawl with very little mistakes.


I used 6mm needles, and the yarn was a merino blend from my stash - I cannot find any info about this yarn online! Must be a really old one... The colour's the trick of this yarn, it's such a luminous and deep red tone!


I left the bobbles out, but that was the only mod I did. I thought the bobbles would press against my back when using the piece as sleeves or cardigan, and I hate anything pressing against my back!


Can't wait to get a ribbon, so I can try the cardigan version. Or maybe I should get some flat, "invisible" buttons instead?


Oh yes, the buttons! They were so expensive (1,90 € a piece) so I only bought 8 instead of the 16 suggested in the pattern. Aren't they gorgeous!

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