You might remember I volunteer for my local animal shelter by knitting things for sale and helping during open doors days, working at the sales booth. The shelter just had their big summer open doors day a few days ago, and to try out something new I decided to knit two little triangular shawlettes for sale.


That worked amazingly well! They were up for about an hour before a lady came and bought them both. Not for very much money, but still way more we usually get from socks or other knits that use the same amount of yarn! I was very happy about that and and plan to knit more simple shawls for the shelter in the future.


Here are some specs for the shawls:
The deep green one is made using a bamboo and cotton blend called Cheval Blanc Ambre on 4 mm needles. It weighs 87 grams, so I used a bit less than two balls of the yarn. I thought up the "pattern" - it's basically just a shawl started from the neck, first in stockinette and then working a simple lace edging. I'll try to write up the notes at some point!


The green/turqoise shawl is made with self-dyed bamboo sock yarn I had left from my Damson. Even though the shawl is as big as the Ambre one, it only weighs 56 grams! It is very heavily blocked, though (the Ambre is not). This shawl is also knit on 4 mm needles and the pattern is from my head as well (even though it was inspired by the Fifi shawl).


I only later found out that there is a pattern for Fifi from the neck down, which resembles my version a bit. I haven't studied the pattern though, and as I did come up with the design/modification myself (regardless that someone else had a similar idea way before me), I will most likely write it up as a pattern in some point, too.

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