We visited Germany for the first time after moving to Finland early August. Boy was it weird to go to Germany for a visit! First of all we flew to Munich and not Düsseldorf like we have for the last 8 years. And we flew back home to Finland - how weird!


But anyhow, we were there mainly for Nick's fathers birthday, which was a real fun event! It was a full day raft ride on the river Isar to Munich. If you are like me you don't really have a picture in your head on what a party raft could look like and how it would be on it. I can tell you it's fun! The raft itself is about 7 metres wide and 18 long, and is made out of 17 huge tree trunks! Three rafters take care that the raft goes where it is supposed to, and on the raft are benches for the passengers - as well as a band and lots of beer!


The day started early by taking the train to Munich, then taking the bus to Wolfratshausen where the raft started its float towards Munich. We had great weather and the scenery was great. The Isar has been formed to a canal in some places, and there the raft went really slow, but then again it was a good time to eat and drink and listen to the Bavarian band. Personally I liked the free Isar parts better though - it was just more exciting!


For lunch we stopped at a big riverside restaurant. Once again I was very happy to be vegetarian - everyone else got a tired-looking, pre-made Bavarian meat dish on a TV tray, but me and Nick got to choose a delicious, freshly made spicy pasta dish!


After lunch the ride continued, this time down some raft slides! Time to get wet! I sat on the side during the first slide (the longest in Europe) and was very, very wet when we arrived at the bottom! But the sun shone so nicely, I was almost dry in time for the next slide, which made me wet again. But the sun shone... you get the drill. I think there were four or five slides altogether.


We arrived in Munich at about half past four in the afternoon where we then took the bus and the train and ended the evening with a nice dinner in a local restaurant. What a cool day!

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