Since 2014 I've been using and loving Leonie Dawson's life and biz workbooks, and as I've ordered mine for 2017 I thought I'd share the love with you too.


The workbooks have proven themselves to be great tools to help me plan out & make happen any goals I want to set for the next year. This year, like last year, I got the whole set - the printed workbooks, planner, to-do lists and a wall calendar. I can't wait for the package to arrive! The workbooks have a section for closure of the past year, which I've found really helpful, and lots of worksheets for all areas of life to document what you want to achieve and make concrete plans on how you want to make them happen. It really is powerful when you write down your dreams in a creative, fun way. Things tend to happen! I can only say, I wrote "move to Finland" in the 2016 one.


If you'd like to know more, please do check the workbook webpage and order if it seems like something you could use. This is an affiliate link, which means I get remunerated a bit if you buy through this link. If you do, thank you very much!

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